Our Philosophy

Founded in 1970, Advance Coating Solutions is an Industrial Coating company based on four basic business values, which are to meet or exceed at every level, our customers' expectations of Safety, Service, Quality and Performance.

Our focus on these core business values has resulted in our ability to proudly state "Safety First, Quality Second to None".  Our field safety record reflects a team achievement of ZERO PERCENT LOST TIME INCIDENTS

Shop Facilities

Our facilities, situated on 5.5 acres with 4.8 acres for staging and storage are strategically located in the middle of Refinery Row in Edmonton, Alberta for the ease of transport of materials to various project sites throughout Western Canada.

The large heated paint shop has a separate covered blast area both encompassing 26,250 ft2 and is equipped with twin 10 metric tonne overhead cranes. Having these two areas covered and connected assists us in controlling the impact of inclement weather thereby reducing the potential to hinder quality and production.

Our custom designed and specialized equipment ranges from our hand-held spray units to large skid-style abrasive blasting units complete with bulk blast pots with an 8 tonne capacity for surface preparation.

As experienced contractors, we understand your unique needs and offer high quality, expert solutions for accomplishing everything from surface preparation to that last coat of paint.

Our attention to detail, in-depth understanding of various application requirements, quick response time, reliability and high-quality deliverables continually inspires customer confidence.

Mobile Capabilities

Our mobile compressors range from 185 to 1,600 CFM with a rated working pressure of 150 PSI and are dead-man controlled for safety. Designed for continuous production, four abrasive blasters can simultaneously utilize the large blasting units when needed and are capable of 12 hours of continuous blasting before shut down for additional blast media.

Certified NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) coating inspectors are available at all times to ensure the highest quality standards (ISO 9002:1994 Standards), and we provide the correct profile and blast medium for the required coatings to meet clients' rigid specifications, providing Quality Assurance.

We have lent our advanced blasting, painting and coating expertise to large-scale industrial site-surface preparation, painting, and specialized coating for oilfield, shipyard and marine operations.


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